News About Rushes Soho Shorts 2013

For many years we have helped spread the word about Rushes Soho Shorts, an excellent short film festival held every year in London. Unfortunately, there won’t be one this year and we wanted to forward on their message on this and to thank them for some great films and events.

“Sadly we have to announce that we will not be holding RSSF 2013. The festival has been a passionate commitment for 14 years; the decision has not been easy to make. We sincerely THANK YOU for your support, for entering your films, for coming to our screenings and events. We’ve had a huge amount of fun meeting everyone over the years and truly appreciate all the films that have been entered for consideration – whether shortlisted or not. Having had the opportunity to see everyone’s work has been a huge privilege and biggest highlight of our year, each year. We want to keep our festival family together. While the festival is discontinued the social media sites will remain – continuing to promote news, screenings and events from the short film world and the festival community. There may even be the occasional event we put together. But that is all to come. For now please join us below to stay in contact…

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We hope you have a very festive December. Please stay in touch. Keep making shorts!

Yours as always,

The Soho Shorts Team.”

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