cgiCITY event; a presentation by VFX maestro Andrew Whitehurst (Double Negative)



a presentation by Soho based, leading Visual Effects company – DOUBLE NEGATIVE

‘MAKING THE UNREAL REAL’ (Computer Generated VFX for Film)

Thursday 15th November (7pm)

Deloitte Stonecutter Theatre, Stonecutter Court, 1 Stonecutter Street, London EC4A 4TR


Andrew Whitehurst (Visual Effects Supervisor on Skyfall) will be giving cgiCITY network the full visual/technical low-down on how he does what he does.

Presentation is to be followed by networking.

This is a last minute coup for cgiCITY.

Please ensure that you make the best of this opportunity. VFX people are extremely busy and very difficult to get hold of.

We very much hope to see you there. Please book your seat now.

Andrew Whitehurst is a VFX Supervisor at Double Negative VFX. Having studied fine art and film-making at college Andrew spent 13 years working in many areas of computer graphics from animated TV series and channel idents to commercials and film visual effects. He also wrote the digital lighting chapter of the Visual Effects SocietyHandbook and has been a guest lecturer at several universities. Andrew has most recently completed work as a VFX supervisor on Skyfall.