Non-Multiplex Cinema has expanded to

Non-Multiplex Cinema has expanded to the 22nd century…

New name Fabstir. Meaning fabulous + stirring → a filmmaking revolution is coming!

I am restarting community filmmaking with a different approach. For starters, we have our brand new Discord Server, come join, invite here:

We will be opening a virtual production studio this year asap. If you know Unreal Engine 5.x, the software used for shows like The Mandalorian, or can help in any other way then get in touch with me (@Jules L#5370) on Discord.

  • The productions will be financed, payments in digital money.
  • We have A.I. specialist on our team, to use tools to speed up production and give that multi $$$ look. Plenty of cool tech emerging for filmmakers.
  • Will distribute on our own video streaming platform. More info It’s not exclusive so can publish on over platforms too.
  • Look forward to working with you to make cool ground-breaking films.

We invite discussions with all sectors in the film industry

Julian (aka Jules Lai)
(Founder of Non-Multiplex Cinema and Film Means Business)

Our Discord: Talk about anything to do filmmaking, film business, meet other like-minded people, collaborate, and learn more about Fabstir


Cannes in the City

Non-Multiplex Cinema presents “Cannes in the City”; network with others in the film and media industry, experience the festival in London.

Date and time:

Thu, 5 May 2022, 19:00 – 23:00 BST


Arts Theatre Club, 50 Frith Street, London, W1D 4SQ

Non-Multiplex Cinema, once the home for screenings, networking, workshops, production and panel events for the filmmaking industry, has rebooted!! Back with a new philosophy to help creatives doubly so.

Come and celebrate with us at this marvelous venue and network with others in the film, music and media sectors.

Plus learn about the revolutionary new direction Non-Multiplex Cinema is heading.

This is a *free* event. Register here to attend:

De Palma

De Palma
Wed 28th September 7.30pm @ ICA, London

Brian de Palma made so many great films Snake Eyes, Carlito’s Way, The Untouchables, Scarface, Blow Out, Carrie and the list goes on.

Come join us at the ICA bar from an hour before the screening. We’ll have fun chatting over a few drinks for sure.

De Palma is an illuminating documentary that concentrates on his work, disarmingly acknowledging his Hitchcockian influences with clips from Obsession and other films. While De Palma admits that happenstance is what largely governs his and indeed most directors’ work—Baumbach and Paltrow being cases in point—some of his juicier observations here concern the actors he’s worked with: Orson Welles forgetting his lines, Cliff Robertson’s perma-tanned arrogance, Sean Penn tormenting Michael J. Fox, and his great discovery, Robert de Niro, conniving to bump up his fee. Riveting from start to finish.

De Palma poster

Check out the UK trailer here.

Want to join us? To sign up for this screening and a link to purchase cinema ticket(s) online, please visit our Meetup page here.

Drinks with Filmmakers and Actors – Non-Multiplex Cinema Meet-up

Hope you’ve had the chance to have a great summer holiday or break. It feels like the new season in filmmaking is upon us so why not get out there and meet other filmmakers and actors and start new projects together?

Whether you’re a writer, investor, filmmaker, actor, producer, crew, SFX, VFX, post production or anyone connected with making films, all invited.

This is a wonderful networking event, the venue has a nice atmosphere and we have our own bar to ourselves.

Come join us at Non-Multiplex Cinema Meet-up @ Planet Hollywood, London on Thursday 1st September 2016 from 6.30pm.


Planet Hollywood London
57-60 Haymarket


Nearest Stations
Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Charring Cross.

With this gorgeous venue having plenthy of movie memorbilia, you’ll feel right at home. We have our own bar for the evening serving alcohol, soft drinks and some great cocktails. And there is a restaurant within the building if you are feeling a little bit peckish.

Feel free to bring business cards, CVs etc. Filmmaking is a collaborative process and you never know who you might meet that could make a big difference.

Full price is just £3. Book your place(s) here for a discounted price:

Any queries, email

Make Film – a new film industry panel event to inspire (London)

Julian Bushell & Noel Wilson present Make Film, organized in collaboration with Non-Multiplex Cinema

Host: Scott Norveil

When: Tuesday 27th October 2015, 7.30pm

Where: Deloitte Auditoirum, 2 New St Square, London EC4A 3BZ (map)

Film Means Business

Itinerary: Networking, panel and Q&A

Make Film is a new exciting platform organised by
Non-Multiplex Cinema
, to inspire filmmakers to go out and make film. Orson Welles once said that “movie making is the only art form where the artist can’t afford the material for his art.” Well, that is not true anymore. Prosumer cameras can now shoot films that could grace any cinema. Crowd sourcing has established itself as a viable alternative to raising funds for the first time filmmaker. There are plenty of exciting avenues in online distribution and exhibition, opening up doors to getting your film seen by a worldwide audience. There are also expanding world film markets becoming major players. It was February of this year when for the first time, China outgrossed the US in revenue income from movies.

Make Film features a panel of diverse knowledge, experience and insights from their personal journeys about how you too can go out and make films in today’s climate. The hope is that with their help and the people that you meet at the event, that it will inspire you with a can do attitude on to great things.Enquiries:
Tickets at £10.00 each.


 Jackson Pat
Jackson Pat (Producer/Director) Hong Kong born Jackson Pat was sent to the UK by his parents aged 17 to finalise his higher education. There, Jackson graduated as a Graphic Designer.

In 1985 he went back to Hong Kong and worked as a producer/ director with numerous film & media companies including TVB (HK) (Television Broadcast Hong Kong) and TVBS-E (Television broadcasting Satellite – Europe) and Cannes Film (Production House).

In 1998 he created his own production company Scene Productions Ltd with the aim to produce and direct films in the UK and to offer production services to Chinese and Asian companies.

Since then Jackson has produced and directed numerous commercials for the European and Asian market. He has also produced and co-directed several Chinese & Asian feature films.

In 2013 he directed his lastest feature film which will have a national theatrical release in China.
Simon C.K. Wu
Simon C.K. Wu (Writer) A freelancer with experience working on shorts in the capacity of scriptwriter. Wu has over twenty years working experience as a scriptwriter and playwright in film, theatre and radio.

Film Scripts

1. Chosen to be part of the Channel 4 and Wrap X film project, BREAKOUT, which provides support for non-Caucasian writers and directors to produce commercial films. His film script, Spirit Money, has reached the final stage of the competition.

2. His short film, Merry-Go-Round, was awarded the Enfield Film Fund and was shown at the opening night of the Wood Green International Short Film Festival on 19 April 2008 (and was later nominated the Best Local Short Film Award), at the MoDa Lecture Theatre at the Middlesex University on 29 April 2008 and the National Film Theatre (NFT3) on 2 June 2008.

3. His short film, China Watch, made for festival submission is currently in an advanced editing stage.

4. He has written a video script designed for use in training health care workers in their handling of AIDS patients, commissioned by The Society for AIDS Care (1999).

Wu’s play include Wolf in the House (Hong Kong), Pilgrimage of the Heart (West Wing, Slough & Camden, London), Oikos (Jellyfish Theatre, Southwark, published by Oberon Books) amongst others. Wu’s co-written radio plays have been broadcast on the BBC World Service.
 Yvette Hoyle
Yvette Hoyle (Executive Producer) A Co-Founder of Coppola Productions, Yvette is passionate about film. She has extensive media and business experience with diversified skills as a producer, including project management PR, marketing, creative development and packaging projects for finance. Yvette has dedicated her time to acquisitions and financing, assembling a slate from biopics to drama, thriller and comedy ncluding such varied projects as Carpet Boy, Angel Wing, Enzo Ferari and Cucumber Sandwiches. Her direct and open approach has enabled her to have many working partnerships with UK and international feature film producers, including: Luminaire Films where Yvette is also a company Director, Triple S films, Green Screen Studios, Olympia, and Solar Productions Yvette has previously produced and exec produced Casanova’s Love Letters, exec produced the film Casanova’s Last Stand, exec produced the documentary The Lost World of the Crystal Skull, winning two festival awards. Producer for’ Yulia, the story of Yulia Tymoshenko’ s extraordinary rise and fall in politics, screened in Paris, Israel, the US and London. Further credits include Pimp (2010) and Obama Irish Roots (2011), which has won two awards for Best Documentary for Hampton Intemational Black Film Festival USA and Best Director for People’s Choice. “George Clooneys Irish Roots” 2013″ The Crypt” feature Producer. “The Ambassador and his Wife” Producer.
 Pascal Bergamin
Pascal Bergamin (Director)

Pascal Bergamin
studied film at the Zurich University of Arts, Switzerland. Since 2005 he has been working as a freelance writer/director for fictional and documentary films. In 2012 he produced and directed his debut feature film, Nice Guy. Pascal works and lives in London.

Current projects include One Summer, feature film, script and in development Portraits of Dangerous Women, script

Susan’s Brother, feature film, treatment – EKRAN 2014

Jura, TV series, treatment


Non-Multiplex Cinema AGM

Want to help out a thriving film community group based in London? Meet lots of filmmaking talent, gain some practical and insightul experience through workshops? Get inspired and insights from the best in the film industry through our panel events? We are holding our AGM on Wednesday 22nd April 7pm (London). A FREE EVENT with FREE DRINKS available, hot/cold, alcholic/soft. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet up with us and other filmmakers to discuss how we can all help to make the future of independent filmmaking in the UK, the brightest star in the Galaxy!

Wednesday 22nd April – 7pm

Athene Place, 66 Shoe Lane, London EC4A 3BQ


A FREE EVENT. Free drinks supplied.

This year 2015, Non-Multiplex Cinema has put on some great events and workshops in London for filmmakers. On the 24th March we hosted the Film Means Business event “Michael Deeley in Interview”. One of the top movie producers of any generation, having produced Blade Runner, The Deer Hunter, The Wicker Man, The Italian Job etc. It was a pleasure and an honour to hear him tell the inside stories of how these great movies got made. He stayed after to sign copies of the book “Blade Runners, Deer Hunters, and Blowing the Bloody Doors Off” by Matthew Field.

Blur the LIne continues to be the most innovative of workshops. Our last few have focussed on fight scenes. With a professional fight choreographer, we have put acting talent through their paces, combining on-screen fight action with heartfelt dialogue, a very tricky combination indeed. It’s also a super challenge for crew, learning how to use the very latest filmmaking technologies to better capture cinematic images.

And it’s fun to watch movies with other filmmakers and film lovers, that’s what Non-Multiplex Cinemagoers Group on Meetup is all about. Since its relaunch a few months back, we’ve been privledged to see some great movies from Whiplash, to Birdman, to Blade Runner etc.

So come join us for free drinks. If interested to attend our AGM (spaces limited), email ASAP to 

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Come see Ridley Scott’s magnificent movie the only way to see it, on the big screen! Viewing it any other way means you haven’t really experienced this truly, immersive, ground-breaking film.

A wonderfully, beautiful masterpiece set in a futuristic Los Angeles, Blade Runner breaks ground for many films to copy, with its cyberpunk, film noir setting to the tones of Vangelis’s hypnotic score. Philip K Dick’s dystopian novel of humanoid robots (replicants) and a hero played by Harrison Ford (the ‘blade runner’ of the title) whose job is to hunt them down and eradicate them.

Come see this movie with other filmmakers and film lovers in BFI’s biggest auditorium on Sunday 5th April from 4.15pm, for our next meetup for Non-Multiplex Cinemagoers Group.
To register that you would like to see it with us and to book online, please go to our Meetup page here.




The Duke of Burgundy + Q&A with director Peter Strickland

I chose this film because this is bound to be something unique and worthy of the title Non-Multiplex. A quote from the Director Peter Strickland, “When you make a film, be very tunnel-visioned and focus on your obsessions and not give a damn about trends or what an audience wants or not even yourself in terms of what they want from you based on your last film. ” He seems to have got it right as critics are loving it. Cheers, Julian

There is no nudity in this film.

A woman who studies butterflies and moths tests the limits of her relationship with her lover. Sidse Babet Knudsen (Borgen) and Chiara D’Anna play Cynthia and Evelyn, lovers caught up in a series of complex S&M games. Explores the privileges of victimhood and the nuances of what it means to suffer for love.

Come join us for a spot of networking at the cinema bar with other filmmakers before and/or after the screening. Friday, 20th February, 2015 from 5.15pm (West End, London). This is a special screening with the director Peter Strickland giving a Q&A.

For further details and to register to join the Non-Multiplex Cinemagoers Group, please visit our Meetup page here.

Ex Machina – preview screening (21st Jan, London)

Ex Machina

Ex Machina is written by London born Alex Garland who is making his directorial debut. He is also known for being the screenwriter for Sunshine, 28 Days Later and Dred.”

A tense, cerebral sci-fi about two men (played by Oscar Isaac – Inside Llewyn Davis and Domhnall Gleeson – About Time) testing the intelligence, and the sexuality, of an AI inside a robotic woman’s body.

Come watch this with a band of filmmakers and film lovers on Wednesday 21st January, the next Non-Multiplex Cinemagoers Group outing. Meet from an hour before the screening at the cinema bar in London for friendly banter over a drink or two. For all the details and to register your interest to watch this, please go to the group here.