The Duke of Burgundy + Q&A with director Peter Strickland

I chose this film because this is bound to be something unique and worthy of the title Non-Multiplex. A quote from the Director Peter Strickland, “When you make a film, be very tunnel-visioned and focus on your obsessions and not give a damn about trends or what an audience wants or not even yourself in terms of what they want from you based on your last film. ” He seems to have got it right as critics are loving it. Cheers, Julian

There is no nudity in this film.

A woman who studies butterflies and moths tests the limits of her relationship with her lover. Sidse Babet Knudsen (Borgen) and Chiara D’Anna play Cynthia and Evelyn, lovers caught up in a series of complex S&M games. Explores the privileges of victimhood and the nuances of what it means to suffer for love.

Come join us for a spot of networking at the cinema bar with other filmmakers before and/or after the screening. Friday, 20th February, 2015 from 5.15pm (West End, London). This is a special screening with the director Peter Strickland giving a Q&A.

For further details and to register to join the Non-Multiplex Cinemagoers Group, please visit our Meetup page here.

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