De Palma

De Palma
Wed 28th September 7.30pm @ ICA, London

Brian de Palma made so many great films Snake Eyes, Carlito’s Way, The Untouchables, Scarface, Blow Out, Carrie and the list goes on.

Come join us at the ICA bar from an hour before the screening. We’ll have fun chatting over a few drinks for sure.

De Palma is an illuminating documentary that concentrates on his work, disarmingly acknowledging his Hitchcockian influences with clips from Obsession and other films. While De Palma admits that happenstance is what largely governs his and indeed most directors’ work—Baumbach and Paltrow being cases in point—some of his juicier observations here concern the actors he’s worked with: Orson Welles forgetting his lines, Cliff Robertson’s perma-tanned arrogance, Sean Penn tormenting Michael J. Fox, and his great discovery, Robert de Niro, conniving to bump up his fee. Riveting from start to finish.

De Palma poster

Check out the UK trailer here.

Want to join us? To sign up for this screening and a link to purchase cinema ticket(s) online, please visit our Meetup page here.

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