Non-Multiplex Cinema AGM

Want to help out a thriving film community group based in London? Meet lots of filmmaking talent, gain some practical and insightul experience through workshops? Get inspired and insights from the best in the film industry through our panel events? We are holding our AGM on Wednesday 22nd April 7pm (London). A FREE EVENT with FREE DRINKS available, hot/cold, alcholic/soft. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet up with us and other filmmakers to discuss how we can all help to make the future of independent filmmaking in the UK, the brightest star in the Galaxy!

Wednesday 22nd April – 7pm

Athene Place, 66 Shoe Lane, London EC4A 3BQ


A FREE EVENT. Free drinks supplied.

This year 2015, Non-Multiplex Cinema has put on some great events and workshops in London for filmmakers. On the 24th March we hosted the Film Means Business event “Michael Deeley in Interview”. One of the top movie producers of any generation, having produced Blade Runner, The Deer Hunter, The Wicker Man, The Italian Job etc. It was a pleasure and an honour to hear him tell the inside stories of how these great movies got made. He stayed after to sign copies of the book “Blade Runners, Deer Hunters, and Blowing the Bloody Doors Off” by Matthew Field.

Blur the LIne continues to be the most innovative of workshops. Our last few have focussed on fight scenes. With a professional fight choreographer, we have put acting talent through their paces, combining on-screen fight action with heartfelt dialogue, a very tricky combination indeed. It’s also a super challenge for crew, learning how to use the very latest filmmaking technologies to better capture cinematic images.

And it’s fun to watch movies with other filmmakers and film lovers, that’s what Non-Multiplex Cinemagoers Group on Meetup is all about. Since its relaunch a few months back, we’ve been privledged to see some great movies from Whiplash, to Birdman, to Blade Runner etc.

So come join us for free drinks. If interested to attend our AGM (spaces limited), email ASAP to 

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Founder of Non-Multiplex Cinema and creator of FILM MEANS BUSINESS. Now starting a new way to make film called "Blur the line". It takes the workshop environment of experimentation and learning and marries that with cinema quality equipment, filming at actual locations when possible. The end result is a scene the same as or as close as possible to the quality of a real production.