Non-Multiplex Cinema has expanded to

Non-Multiplex Cinema has expanded to the 22nd century…

New name Fabstir. Meaning fabulous + stirring → a filmmaking revolution is coming!

I am restarting community filmmaking with a different approach. For starters, we have our brand new Discord Server, come join, invite here:

We will be opening a virtual production studio this year asap. If you know Unreal Engine 5.x, the software used for shows like The Mandalorian, or can help in any other way then get in touch with me (@Jules L#5370) on Discord.

  • The productions will be financed, payments in digital money.
  • We have A.I. specialist on our team, to use tools to speed up production and give that multi $$$ look. Plenty of cool tech emerging for filmmakers.
  • Will distribute on our own video streaming platform. More info It’s not exclusive so can publish on over platforms too.
  • Look forward to working with you to make cool ground-breaking films.

We invite discussions with all sectors in the film industry

Julian (aka Jules Lai)
(Founder of Non-Multiplex Cinema and Film Means Business)

Our Discord: Talk about anything to do filmmaking, film business, meet other like-minded people, collaborate, and learn more about Fabstir


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About Julian Bushell

Founder of Non-Multiplex Cinema and creator of FILM MEANS BUSINESS. Now starting a new way to make film called "Blur the line". It takes the workshop environment of experimentation and learning and marries that with cinema quality equipment, filming at actual locations when possible. The end result is a scene the same as or as close as possible to the quality of a real production.