Showcase Live – Thursday 30th July (7.30pm, London)

Showcase Live – THURS 30th July (7.30pm, London)

Non-Multiplex Cinema’s brand new event called “Showcase Live” of short films, exclusives and talks.

There Are No Losers

Tickets currently offered at a discounted price (full price £5).

Venue:   Deloitte Auditorium

2 New Street Square, London EC4A 3BZ


The line-up for the evening screening:

There Are No Losers

Short film version of documentary “There are no Losers” by Mario Grattarola. Follows the remarkable journey of San Marino national football team who live and train in the republic of 30,000 people, to play football on an International stage to take on Italy through to Wembley arena and England.

The End Of Everything As You Knew It. A Guide

A poetic tale in eight chapters that questions predefined roles imposed by society. Young Jade flees from her posh London heritage background to explore her darkest fantasies and instincts in search for the newly proclaimed ultra-violence. A film by Christian Neuman.

Exit Strategy

Our world is coming to an end! We must prepare! After an asteroid collides with the moon and sends it on a decaying orbit towards the earth, Mankind is left with only one choice. Escape! Adam and his robotic companion IO must do what they can to get off the planet before it’s too late. Some great news is that Writer/Director Richard Oakes originally intended to talk about the making of his film. Now has the film finished and we’ll be screening it as well.

Moving Cities

Moving Cities, a growing collection of film shorts by film-maker Jevan Chowdhury that takes a radically new approach to dance in public spaces.Moving Cities paints extraordinary pictures of world cities. Each film marries 50 native dancers with their cities. The result are striking pieces of Art.Jevan Chowdhury will be with us to talk about his project.

The Offering

The Offering

A concept movie incubated from workshops and rehearsals by Julian Bushell.Julian will also be the host for the evening.

Dreaming of Peggy Lee

Dreaming of Peggy Lee is a musical film that can be enjoyed by children and adults in equal measure. The story follows Belinda, a young girl struggling to accept who she is, putting the theme of identity at the core of this film. Partly a silent film, Dreaming of Peggy Lee is also a celebration of jazz to accompany what is a fairytale journey from the oppressive care home to the wonderment that is the sight and sound of the 1940s.Writer/director/producer James Everett will be joining us.

The above are the fantastic films and projects that will be showcased on the night on the big screen at a lovely posh auditorium, leather seats, dedicated projector room. The auditorium breaks out into the foyet where we will be having chilled drinks. Plenty of opportunities to meet other filmmakers, actors and people from the film and media business


bhiflight LED lights for low budget and guerrilla filmmakers who want to make good use of natural light. Charles Wood from BHIF-Light ( will have two designs to show, 100 watt small unit that is already selling and his latest design a 300 watt larger power unit.

Also in the foyet, Charles Wood from BHIF-Light will be on hand to show their brand new range of LED lights.

Do you have something interesting to show for this event? As well as the screen, there are full AV facilities to show PowerPoint etc. For more details, email Julian at

Non-Multiplex Cinema reserves the right to change or cancel films and speakers. Proceeds after cost go to the Alzheimer’s Society.

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