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Showcase Live – Wed 8th July (7.30pm, London)

Non-Multiplex Cinema’s brand new event called “Showcase Live” for filmmakers and film business to come show their films and/or talk about anything film related.

Show us something cool you are working on or have recently finished. Great chance to engage with a captive audience and bring awareness to the film community and the UK. There is a large 4m screen with a dedicated projector room to screen your short film, trailer, a stage with mics and wireless mics for demo of new tech, or film business talk to help filmmakers etc. As long as it is related to film and media. Only provisio is you have to give an introduction and be willing to answer some questions.

Drinks served throughout the evening, with networking before and after.

Perception Neuron by Noitom  Perception Neuron motion capture

To kick this off, we’ll be screening some clips made from Blur the Line; an innovative mix of workshop and film production. Plus talking about some of the tech we’re using.

Do you have something interesting to show for this event? As well as the screen, there are full AV facilities to show PowerPoint etc. Includes free entry for you and two guests. For more details, email Julian at

Also email if you are interested in helping out for the evening and gain free entry.

Want to come to this new exciting event and meet 100+ other filmmakers, actors and people from the film and media business on Wednesday 8th July 2015 from 7.30pm?

The event costs just £5. To book your place(s) now, please go here.

Blur the Line; places for actors and crew

Blur the Line is pushing the boundaries again. Not to be outdone by Hollywood :) we will be getting delivery soon the latest professional motion capture suit. For more details, please go to

Blur the Line - July 2015

The next workshop is free and takes place during the day on Saturday 27th June at a venue in Central London. Includes free food and drink.

Places available for two actors to play as mischievous scientists whose experiments are not appreciated by their corporation.

Want to be part of the crew? Places available for lighting technicians, gaffers, runners, DPs, sound recordists, focus pullers, make-up, SFX etc. Or if you are an editor, visual effects artist or other post production and want material to work on.

Blur the Line workshops have been going for nearly two years now and keep getting bigger and better. Come join in the fun of helping to make cinematic quality scenes for your showreel, own education or for the credit.

Interested to take part in the next workshop? For more details and to be on the mailing list to receive news of further workshops, email

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