Light Shaping Workshop – Sunday 13th September (midday, London)

All that talk about camera specs and 4K, 5K, even 8K resolution. We forget sometimes that it comes down to the beauty of the scene in front of the camera lens. A big part of that is the lighting.

Is it soft, is it harsh, what are the contrast ratios? ETTR or light meter? How do you get soft lighting just like the sun when all you have are point light sources? How do you repeat your lighting set-up if a scene splits over different days?

With so many questions, we have set up a lighting workshop to explore, discover and to seek out those answers. Come join other people interested in achieving great lighting. With a wealth of lighting equipment at our disposal and subjects to shoot for test shoots in a relaxed atmosphere, come join us. We will be using a high end RAW camera to capture with.

This workshop costs just £6, cash on the day. All proceeds go to Alzheimer’s Society. Spaces limited.

For venue details and to book your place, please email:

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About Julian Bushell

Founder of Non-Multiplex Cinema and creator of FILM MEANS BUSINESS. Now starting a new way to make film called "Blur the line". It takes the workshop environment of experimentation and learning and marries that with cinema quality equipment, filming at actual locations when possible. The end result is a scene the same as or as close as possible to the quality of a real production.