Blur the line – between workshop and production

Blur the Line is an acting and filmmaking workshop that punches way beyond its weight until lines between this and a real production are blurred. We help to gather talented people together in a friendly, experimental environment to learn from each other and to produce hopefully great quality film scenes.We use a plethora of some of the best cinematic equipment and try to film at locations that suit and raise production values. Then once filming is over, the clips are edited, sound designed and graded. It’s a thrill when you get to see it back. It’s then available for your showreel or for educational purposes etc. Plus credits are available. Email Non-Multiplex Cinema's workshop email addressThe workshops are free. There is a suggested donation of £5 to attend if you are an actor or director. All proceeds go to Alzheimer’s Society. Free for crew.

Wednesday 23rd November, we had the privilege to use a green screen studio in North London for one of the most fun sessions of Blur the Line ever. The task was deceptively simple; to recreate the lighting from a scene that was shot outside on another day, in the studio.

And we had a big gun!

So a lot of the time was spent staring at frames shot previously and figuring out what lighting, flags, and reflectors could be used.

Did I say we had a big gun!

The make-up artist helped to eliminate glare and even added tracking points as there is a requirement to do a bit of face replacement as well. Plenty learnt that day!

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Light Shaping Workshop – Sunday 13th September (midday, London)

All that talk about camera specs and 4K, 5K, even 8K resolution. We forget sometimes that it comes down to the beauty of the scene in front of the camera lens. A big part of that is the lighting.

Is it soft, is it harsh, what are the contrast ratios? ETTR or light meter? How do you get soft lighting just like the sun when all you have are point light sources? How do you repeat your lighting set-up if a scene splits over different days?

With so many questions, we have set up a lighting workshop to explore, discover and to seek out those answers. Come join other people interested in achieving great lighting. With a wealth of lighting equipment at our disposal and subjects to shoot for test shoots in a relaxed atmosphere, come join us. We will be using a high end RAW camera to capture with.

This workshop costs just £6, cash on the day. All proceeds go to Alzheimer’s Society. Spaces limited.

For venue details and to book your place, please email: