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when: Monday 11th April 2016, 7.00pm
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Deloitte Auditorium, 2 New Street Square, London. EC4A 3BZ

itinerary: interview and Q&A followed by

 Michael Axelgaard
Michael Axelgaard – Managing Director of Indie Capital

Michael’s background is in banking, where he managed investments and arranged financing for structured debt and equity deals at ING Bank and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He also produced and managed the fundraise and investment realisation of the Hollow Pictures EIS, a special purpose vehicle created to finance the independent film Hollow. Hollow was nominated for a British Independent Film Award and distributed by Tribeca film, and the film generated both strong investment returns and tax benefits for investors. On the back of this success, Michael is launching a new media production company called Indie Capital, which will produce a portfolio of independent films, television, and digital content. Indie Capital’s team includes producers behind Oscar-winning independent films from the UK and investment managers who have a track record of making investors money. The goal of Indie Capital is to combine a strong creative pipeline with a rigorous financial approach and to promote UK independent media content to the world.
Mike Storey

Mike Storey – Head of Marketing at Scoop Films

Mike is Head of Marketing at Scoop Films and runs mouseclix, a marketing consultancy working with filmmakers on the marketing, promotion and distribution of their films throughout the full filmmaking timeline. For Scoop’s The Beat Beneath My Feet that journey included festival premieres at Raindance (Best UK Feature nominated) and at Berlinale (Crystal Bear nominated) and 10 other festivals around the world, a self distributed UK release through Picturehouses and mid 2016 North American release. He is a passionate advocate of filmmakers working with marketeers from an early stage in order to understand their audience and to position and steer the creative process towards a commercial conclusion.

Jeremy Wooding
Jeremy Wooding – Director/Producer

Jeremy is a director with stylish storytelling and genre-bending cinematic sensibility has meant that he has been involved at the cutting edge of independent film and televison work.
Coming out of the London short film making scene of the late 90’s, his films range from vampire short SOUL PATROL (starring Sadie Frost) to British Bollywood feature film BOLLYWOOD QUEEN (starring James MacAvoy), feature film football comedy, THE MAGNIFICENT ELEVEN (starring Keith Allen and Robert Vaughn) and the western-horror feature BLOOD MOON (starring Shaun Dooley, George Blagden, Anna Skellern)Jeremy telvision work includes co-creating and directing the multi-award-winning programmes PEEP SHOW (C4), DERREN BROWN (C4) and THE RESTAURANT (BBC). His TV comedy series THE LEGEND OF DICK AND DOM (BBC) received a Childrens’ BAFTA nomination.
Andy Isaac
Andy Isaac
Managing Director of Notting Hill Movies and charity Guardians Help
After years travelling the globe working in UK and overseas on film and theatre productions in the early nineties, Andy returned to Uk to settle and started the Film Exchange, a concept of people exchanging talents to make better films. He produced eight features and over 100 shorts, often without credit, directed and wrote as well as started with Charles Thompson the Screen Nation awards and then the Notting Hill Film Festival to promote UK based filmmakers. Currently working on five features he has written and filming a series of twenty-five short films he wrote to direct with twenty-five different DoP’s for a special cinematography section of the festival and in talks to have help screen the festival around the world. All from a short film.

Organised by Julian Bushell. Hosted by:

Michael Aston
Michael Aston
– Executive Producer at EQ FilmsMichael is a professional actor, presenter and film producer with experience in films, TV, theatre, corporate videos, management training and role playing. Some of the recent feature films Michael appears in are‘Evil Never Dies / ‘The Haunting of Harry Payne;‘White Collar Hooligans3’ and ‘Reflex’. As an executive producer for EQ Films Ltd; he is currently working on a slate of exciting TV projects and feature films ‘Vampires of Hollywood’ (Malcolm McDowall , Daryl Hannah), ‘Cutter’ (Jason Flemyng). Michael enjoys his acting as much as his producing. He is multi-skilled and able to combine sound business management and commercial expertise with his artistic talent as an actor. He comes from a professional management consultancy background and having previously served in the military is a trained cavalryman, and is still a keen horseman.

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Rockkiss Digital Media Entertainment release their new game Grump’s Quest on Kickstarter

Grump’s Quest on Kickstarter

Digital animation and VFX studio Rockkiss Digital Media Entertainment are launching a new cinematic adventure game titled ‘Grump’s Quest’ to the crowd funding site, Destined for the PC and Mac with versions also planned for the mobile tablets the game will utilise all the power of next generation platforms. The inspiration hails from the landmark games of the past like the amazing Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, also coincidently created by a VFX company. The game will take the form of a side scrolling adventure utilising incredibly detailed artwork, intercut with some amazing animated cinematic sequences. However, the game is far from being just an interactive movie. Grump’s Quest will host a wealth of highly developed and strong characters in the format of immersive and strategic game play. Of note on this project is Rockkiss’s desire to open up the development of the game to its backers and there are case studies on much of the production pipeline on their website.

The idea of creating a new world with new characters and opening up the process to the players at an early stage is very unusual. There will also be a great challenge in developing the game for the large array of different mobile formats there are now. However, Rockkiss are confident in having a strong team of industry veterans and feel they are uniquely placed to deliver a landmark game.
So for anyone with an interest in animation, VFX or games look out for Grump’s Quest on and get involved.

 Grump’s Quest on Kickstarter

Grump’s Quest now live on Kickstarter! The direct link:

Next Rotoreliefs Event – Coming This Week

On Monday 25th June, Rotoreliefs will be screening a selection of shorts at Rich Mix in Shoreditch. Please go to to make your submission. Q&A with the directors afterwards, and networking in the bar. Their wonderfully lively and informal monthly event always attracts interesting and interested individuals; promising a good crowd with a great vibe. They always invite the filmmakers to give a short Q&A after each film, and their commitment to screen all genres means there’s always something for everyone. NEXT SCREENING DATES: Monday 25th June taking place at Rich Mix (35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA). To submit your work for this event or for their future events, please go to: where you can download the submission form. They will contact all those whose films will be shown, and hope they will come along!

In Motion

We are delighted to help raise the profile of In Motion – an independent UK feature film currently raising funds. In Motion is a love story between Leon, a British artistic gymnast, and Bao, a Chinese rhythmic gymnast, set in London against the backdrop of an international sporting event. The budget for this film is £250,000 and so far they have raised £60,000 through private investment. They still have many other avenues of funding to explore and due to the strength of the story and the script they are sure they will raise the rest of the budget in the next few months. They are also running a ‘crowd-funding’ campaign to raise £8,000 of the budget. Currently they have raised £1,300 through this scheme, however the pitch is only live for another 2 weeks. They have the full support of Len Arnold who is the chairman of London gymnastics, and Ex-Olympic gymnast Hannah Mckibben has been working with them on the script and will play a major part in the film as the choreographer. In Motion is a really beautiful film that will boost the profile of gymnastics in a very positive light. The main themes are; breaking down cultural barriers, success through sport and courage in the face of adversity. Please find a link to the Crowdfunder pitch here: and also check out their website here

In Motion is aimed at family audiences across the globe, it is a unique project that will resonate with modern audiences and stimulate peoples interest in gymnastics.