Rockkiss Digital Media Entertainment release their new game Grump’s Quest on Kickstarter

Grump’s Quest on Kickstarter

Digital animation and VFX studio Rockkiss Digital Media Entertainment are launching a new cinematic adventure game titled ‘Grump’s Quest’ to the crowd funding site, Destined for the PC and Mac with versions also planned for the mobile tablets the game will utilise all the power of next generation platforms. The inspiration hails from the landmark games of the past like the amazing Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, also coincidently created by a VFX company. The game will take the form of a side scrolling adventure utilising incredibly detailed artwork, intercut with some amazing animated cinematic sequences. However, the game is far from being just an interactive movie. Grump’s Quest will host a wealth of highly developed and strong characters in the format of immersive and strategic game play. Of note on this project is Rockkiss’s desire to open up the development of the game to its backers and there are case studies on much of the production pipeline on their website.

The idea of creating a new world with new characters and opening up the process to the players at an early stage is very unusual. There will also be a great challenge in developing the game for the large array of different mobile formats there are now. However, Rockkiss are confident in having a strong team of industry veterans and feel they are uniquely placed to deliver a landmark game.
So for anyone with an interest in animation, VFX or games look out for Grump’s Quest on and get involved.

 Grump’s Quest on Kickstarter

Grump’s Quest now live on Kickstarter! The direct link:

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