Ah Men starts April 8th at Phoenix Artist Club

AH Men www.ahmen.co.uk, is a ground breaking musical play that goes on stage for the first time ever in Phoenix Artists Club from 8th – 14th April.. It stars Jenia Emmanuelle as the wife and Lawe James as the husband, who deftly reveals the art of cross dressing to tight deadlines when he transitions from Trevor to Tiffany in less than ten minutes. Lawe James is a seasoned performer and singer on the LGBT circuit. Produced by Noel Wilson Tel: 07930 969249
AH Men is attracting global attention and has been described as wonderful, and one of the few good things to come out of London. Even before the first performance, AH Men is being booked as part of Festivals in Camden, The South East and even Greece. Check out the video promo at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sZcxmBPVVQ. AH Men – The Musical
AH Men is the true story of a woman whose husband had a sex change and portrays an authentic, gentle, humorous and romantic account of the impact that sex change has on partners and families.. Anyone interested in two free tickets to AH Men worth £10 each should email angelsforce@ymail.com with title YES PLEASE I WANT FREE TICKETS. The draw will take place on Easter Sunday.

8th April – 14th April
Show starts at 7.30pm , 7pm Wednesday
Book your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment.

Phoenix Arts Theatre
1 Phoenix Street
St Giles

Tickets are £10 each available from www.ahmen.co.uk. Also are 2 tickets for 1 for the 12th April performance.


Exclusive Interview with Lynne Paris, Writer and Director of AH Men
Q:-This must have been a traumatic experience for you. What made you tell your story publicly?
A:- I was asked to, and because I know how isolated wives of transexuals can feel I decided to go public to reach out and support other women who find themselves in my position. To give them hope and self respect back.
Q:- How do you plan to support wives?
A:- I’ve developed a Helpline network of Counsellors , Relationship Coaches and spiritual resource which will make sense of what has happened to them. It’s a time of growth and transition for wives as well to reach their full potential. It’s hard for women, if their husband wants a sex change, to understand that they can also revolutionise their lives – have their own transition, in a way.
Q :- But surely a wife can refuse to agree to her husband having a sex change unless she feels comfortable with the idea?
A:- You’d expect so, but legislation was passed in Europe making it unnecessary for a man to have the consent of his wife before he has a sex change. A man can be a long way down the treatment route without his wife even knowing. What happened to me could happen to any woman.
Q: How can women access the Helpline?
A:- Details will shortly be published on the AH Men website www.ahmen.co.uk
Q: What are your plans for AH Men?
A:- AH Men is attracting attention from many Diversity Groups, at home and abroad because it explores issues around The Equality Act and Protected Characteristics in a uniquely insightful and humorous way. We’ve received a couple of enquiries about making a film. I guess we’ll just see what comes along.

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