Secret City – Coming Soon

Secret City, a documentary film about the City Of London, the Corporation that runs it and its role in the economic crisis.

As the economic crisis has drawn attention to the machinations of financial institutions, director, Michael Chanan, and writer, Lee Salter, have produced a feature length documentary film about the secretive institutions at the heart of the City of London and the impact these have on people’s lives.

The film is a story about the development of the Corporation of London through the ages, landing in the present. Using interviews with politicians, businessmen, vicars (including from Bethnal Green and Hackney), activists and analysts it tells the story of the consolidation of the City’s power in the world economy, its role in the crisis and its effects on people and institutions. The score includes original music by Simon Zagorski-Thomas and the Vaults Quartet. The film uses some impressive archive footage including William Raban’s MMX, Anthont Simmon’s Bow Bells, and the Dream of Toyland from 1907.

Having been previewed in Parliament, the Secret City is now rolling out across the country, with forthcoming screenings in London, Bristol, Brighton, Liverpool and elsewhere. See the web site for details Contact:

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