Non-Multiplex Cinema – Meet-up (the Relaunch) – 7th October (London, Haymarket)


If you want to go to an event where you can meet loads of like minded people in the film industry, in a friendly and fun atmosphere then this is the one.

We had our first Meet-up at the end of last year and it was fantastic, with over a hundred attending. The networking even carried onto the street outside, after the venue had closed for the night.

So for a sparkling opportunity to network with people from the filmmaking and acting world, come to Non-Multiplex Cinema’s Meet-up, the Relaunch, as we are now at a new venue for us, Planet Hollywood London (57-60 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4QX), on Tuesday 7th October 7pm.

You’re going to be doing a great deed too as all proceeds (£5 to attend) goes to Prostate Cancer UK. To book a place now, please see below.

Julian Bushell and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team


The networking events take place in a friendly, informal atmosphere with a wide spectrum of people across the film industry meeting up for a drink or two. Chat away to your hearts content. Opportunities a plenty, you never quite know who you will meet.


Drink and feel famous at Planet Hollywood London. The glamour of Hollywood, a buzzing cocktail bar, and classic dishes.

NMX networking CONTACTS

Exchange contact details. It’s not only what you know, but who you know in this film business.




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Founder of Non-Multiplex Cinema and creator of FILM MEANS BUSINESS. Now starting a new way to make film called "Blur the line". It takes the workshop environment of experimentation and learning and marries that with cinema quality equipment, filming at actual locations when possible. The end result is a scene the same as or as close as possible to the quality of a real production.