The 5th of SEPTEMBER!
Brand new cgi & vfx networking series for film-makers!

Film Means Business now has a new, London-based, networking offshoot called cgiCITY, an exciting and driven initiative that has been set up to forge a direct, informative and social link between film-makers and cgi/vfx professionals in London.

Most film-makers are simply not up to date with developments in this area, which are moving forward at such a pace that only the few who are fortunate enough to be in close contact with the cgi/vfx industry can be in a position to exploit it.

The results are manifold, but in simple terms they amount to the fact that a well planned, low budget film can now be written and produced as a blockbuster, but only by those who are savvy enough to make the best of what is on offer.

This information is not yet available in readily accessible format to film-makers, which is why cgiCITY has been created to make the most of this new and vastly developed area of expertise, and to get film-makers thinking with their cgi/vfx hats on.

Don't get left behind in the dull world of the low budget Brit movie. Come to cgiCITY and get talking to the people with whom you can make real plans and turn your truest and quirkiest imaginations into high concept film.

More info below. For full information about our premier event, check this link - cgiCITY

To kickstart this event, and as a thank you to having been a part of or bought ticket(s) to a past FILM MEANS BUSINESS event, we'd like to offer you and your guests free entry, whilst there are spaces available. Just email, stating for the name badges, you and/or any guests'

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5th September 2012

6.45pm for 7pm start at the Deloitte Stonecutter Theatre, Stonecutter Court, 1 Stonecutter Street, London EC4A 3TR

A Brand New Event

A one hour presentation by two experienced cgi & vfx experts, Will Rockall and John Sellings, will focus on contributions made by them (individually or collaboratively) to three recent productions, each on the subject of either horror, abomination or the humorously weird:
Metamorphosis - the 2012 production of Franz Kafka's seminal short story about a salesman who turns into an insect (to be released).

Can You Live for Ever? - Discovery Channel's humorous, Emmy Award nominated documentary about immortality (released 2011).

Three's a Shroud - 2012 feature in which three separate horror shorts are connected by a bedtime story narrative (to be released).


three recent productions


Will and John will be showing clips from each production and explaining the background behind the CGI / VFX elements of each.

William Rockall

William has enjoyed over 25 years of success in the world of film and television animation. Prior to setting up Rockkiss DME, William gained experience as a graphic and set designer at the BBC. He worked in on-air presentation for ITV live transmission and served in the corporate sector in the design of staged events for numerous blue chip companies. William has been associated with many of the post production houses in London before co-founding Jellyfish Pictures in 2001, which won, among others, a BAFTA and two Visual Effects Society awards. At the end of 2011 he co-founded Rockkiss Digital Media Entertainment, a computer animation studio concentrating on developing its own titles in the TV, film and games markets.

William Rockall

John Sellings

John has been working in the short film, music and video production industry for the past 15 years as Director of Photography, on-line editor and visual effects artist for his company, 'Viva_vancouveR productions'. He has worked as a music producer, dealing with both live and studio sound for numerous high profile bands including Iron Maiden, The Blockheads and The Subways. John also teaches film and music studies and composes and produces his own music. Following further studies at Van Arts in Vancouver, he moved into the visual effects compositing field. Working at Jellyfish Pictures and now at Rockkiss DME, he continues to work on other independent feature films in both directing and post-production

John Sellings

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